[Life for Mutual Support]

At Shobu we provide care tailored to the individual needs of our clients. 

Based on the concept of empowerment through expressing the abilities that are intrinsic to human beings, we implement health management, rehabilitation and support for independent living. We offer training for activities for daily living (ADL) as well as recreational activities and a wide range of other optional services.



Local Living Support Centre

[Shobu Support Consultation Centre]

We offer counseling services on the use of social welfare services and on care management for persons with developmental, mental and physical difficulties and their families or caregivers.

[Be Shobu, Home Help Service]

We provide support as needed, sending home helpers to assist with bathing, toileting, meals and to provide assistance with housework and outings.

[Care Home Shobu]

Here we provide a residence for shared living in the community and support for daily life and activities.

Living Support Center Shobu Gakuen

[Support for those resident at the facility]

We provide comprehensive support for those resident at the centre, with care that includes bathing, toileting, meals plus a full range of support for everyday life activities.

[Short stay and day care support]


We provide support for daily life for persons with developmental difficulties and physical disabilities who live at home but need support at a care facility for limited periods of time due to caregivers illness etc.

[Life care program]

For persons who need continuous care, we provide ADL (bathing, toileting, meals) support for daily life and opportunities for creative activities.

[Training for independence program]


The focus of this program is to enhance our clients` independent ADL (including housework and other useful skills for daily life), in order to sustain and increase their capacity for living in the local community.



DO shobu work support center 

[Employment transition support program and B-type employment continuation program]

This program provides persons with developmental and physical difficulties, whom may find employment in conventional workplaces challenging, the opportunity to work and engage in productive work based activities.