Artworks by Studio Shobu artists are regularly exhibited up and down the country, as well as overseas. Shobu Gakuen also has two exhibition spaces, S Gallery and Omni House Gallery, both located on campus.

The galleries play host to an exciting program of exhibitions throughout the year.




nui project 4th July - 1st September 2017

 A selection of works from the nui project. 


Omni House is currently undergoing refurbishment 


Radical Craft: Alternative Ways of Making The Barony Centre, West Kilbridge, United Kingdom 8th April - 10th June 2017

34 international and UK artists who express their creativity unbounded by taught conventions are showing work in Radical Craft: Alternative Ways of Making, a Craftspace and Outside In touring exhibition. The exhibition, which is co-curated by Laura Hamilton, showcases artworks by historically renowned artists associated with Outsider Art and contemporary self-taught artists who see themselves as facing barriers to the art world for reasons including health, disability, social circumstance or isolation; 20 of whom were selected from open submissions.

Radical Craft: Alternative Ways of Making