Bushland HOUSE is the next phase of Shobu Gakuen's exciting development. 

2018 will see the opening of Bushland HOUSE, Shobu Gakuen’s new creative center for cultural and artistic practice, specially designed for children and young people who have developmental, physical and mental difficulties.


We are all born with an innate sense of expression. We can cry, laugh, seek out attention and get excited. Throughout our lives these rich emotions develop and change as we grow, helping us to find our place in this world.

At Shobu we think it is very important to realize an individuals internal freedom and happiness, and a key factor in this is appreciating that we are all different, and that happiness comes from many sources.

If we work together to explore what makes us happy in a creative and empowering environment then the passion and energy of the individual will add to the greater society.

  • The strength to support those in trouble, even if it is a little strength

  • The strength to make your positive wishes come true, even if only a little at a time

  • The strength to be kind to the earth, even if it is only a small kindness


The artistic programs at Bushland HOUSE offer a place to grow, to express, to create and to work. It is a place where people can engage with each other, and the world around them, in a peaceful environment that places kindness, expression and happiness at the center.

A smile can cross borders of age, gender and ability, and this is what Bushland HOUSE is all about.


Bushland House offers young people the opportunity to meet a version of themselves they have yet to discover through creativity and engagement in the visual arts.

It is a place where people can live together in a community that allows for empowerment and a sense of autonomy, instilling confidence and a greater sense of self.


The artistic programs for children are designed to allow them to naturally expand their interest and curiosity for art and expression, as well as offering them the opportunity to share their impressions through cultural exchange.


We want to operate as a cultural facility at the heart of our community by providing an artistic space that offers exhibitions, concerts and talks.


We want to play a role in uniting our community through art. Whilst introducing new and exciting art and performance, we also wish to rediscover and promote traditional forms of artistic expression. Bushland HOUSE will provide a place for local gatherings, where people can watch, listen and participate.


We want to create a nurturing environment that is sympathetic to our surroundings and that enhances the natural beauty of Yoshino. We will see reflected in the beauty of the world the beauty and happiness in our hearts. The Japanese phrase 知足安分 means to be satisfied and contented with what you have now, and Bushland House will aspire to learn from this.

□ Community Art Hall   (BUSHLAND HALL)

  • A space for community exchange and interaction

□ Community Café   (SOUSOU)

  • Open-air Café

□ Children Day Service Center   (KIDS+A, KIDS+B)

  • Developmental Support Center for Children
  • After-School Day Service Center

□ Art Studio   (ART+)

  • Life Care Program

□ Working Support   (WORK+)

  • B-type Employment Continuation Support Program

□ Support Consultation Center   (SHOBU)

  • Support Consultation Center

We need your help!

In order to provide high quality care in an environment that nurtures, inspires and encourages true expression, we need your help. The work we do at Shobu Gakuen gives adults freedom and choice, now please help us give this to children too.

We are calling on all our friends from around the world to help us realise Bushland HOUSE. 

Our crowdfunding page will soon be live, please check it out to see how you can help. If we all give a little, then we can do a lot!